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Impunity is still the queen of Colombia

Ivan G. Cruz - Author/Contributor of Bloggers of the Americas

Ivan G. Cruz - Author/Contributor of Bloggers of the Americas

It took 20 years and the colombian people still do not know who ordered the killing of the liberal leader Luis Carlos Galan (also candidate for the Presidency of Colombia). The damned impunity still reigns in Colombia. There are thousands crimes that are unsolved in Colombia , like the case of the murder of Galan. It appears that the same archaic, obsolete and corrupt Colombian justice system was the less interested of all powers in condemning the politicians that are responsible of this impunity.

It fell to the current colombian senator Juan Manuel Galan -who is the eldest son of the assassinated liberal politician- to fight together with his brothers in order to avoid that his father´s case were closed. It was only several hours before the legal expiration of the case (20 years).

Luis Carlos Galan, colombian liberal leader murdered in 1999

Luis Carlos Galan, colombian liberal leader murdered in 1989

Without the pressure of the Galvan family to maintain the case open, Colombia would have never known the name of the real murderers of the last of the great liberal leaders of the 20th century.

I go around several questions in my head. Why in 20 years there was never a single political figure to press forward the investigation of this crime. Why did they waited until the last minute to find the last legal resort of the “crime against humanity”, in order to avoid the investigation to prescribe. Why was not resolved in one, two, or three years after the assasination.. Was the justice system of that time bought by drug traffickers. Why the current justice system does not open investigations against those responsible for the justice at that time. What did the prosecution then. Why former President Gaviria provides important information only after 20 years?

It is clear that the investigation was manipulated, diverted and set aside gradually. Without Juan Manuel Galan becoming a colombian senator, and giving the case a fight, the assassination of his father would have gone unpunished. So impunity is the queen of Colombia.

Galán Sarmiento created the New colombian Liberalism. From this new system of ideas, Galan worked to bring about major state and social reforms to Colombia. He was the great enemy of impunity and corruption. His center-left ideas were echoed in most Colombians. The final part of his presidential campaign turned to openly attack the drug traffickers. As president was to approve the extradition of these criminals. That cost him his life.

The importance of the crime of Galan served at the time for the government of Cesar Gaviria, begin a relentless war against Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel, responsible of the assassination of Galan and other public figures. Galán´s ideas will always be present.

More impunity

Jaime Garzon was murdered on August 13, 1999.

Jaime Garzon was murdered on August 13, 1999.

Other crimes that changed the course of the history of Colombia were the assesination of the conservative politician, Alvaro Gomez Hurtado, and the killing of the journalist and humorist Jaime Garzón Forero. During the 90´s the two assasinations hitted the conscience of the colombian society. Those crimes were a further sign of intolerance in which Colombians live. Their assasination go still unpunished, although there are several hypotheses about the real perpetrators of these crimes.

Gomez Hurtado had a political career of more than 50 years when he was gunned down by the murderous bullets of an assassin on 2 November 1995, while he left the Sergio Arboleda University, where he teached law.

Even now many speculate with several hypotheses about who ordered the killing and why. His murder was another stab to Colombian democracy. A sample of the senseless dirty war ocurring in Colombia for decades.

Five years after the death of Gomez Hurtado, Colombia lived another forgettable day. It was the day that they killed the laughter in Colombia. The journalist and humorist Jaime Garzón Forero knew he was going to be killed and yet he decided not to hid.

Garzon mocked openly about the corruption of the colombian political class and through his humorous characters taught to 40 million Colombians who were their rulers. He make them to blush and even obtained some public confessions.

A version from a jailed rightist paramilitary commander -Ernesto Báez- explained that Carlos Castano, leader of the paramilitary organization AUC in Colombia, was the real responsible for his crime, based simply by personal hatreds against Garzon. However, this is just one of several hypotheses about his death.

The list of assasinations and unfinished processes, which were filed due to legal expiration, is big in Colombia. That is why impunity is the queen of Colombia. These are just three of the most important unsolved crimes and for which all Colombians expect a satisfactory answer to enable us to know the absolute truth.

This is where is the litmus test for the archaic, obsolete and corrupt Colombian justice system. Someday someone will give the fight in order to fight the white-collar criminals who inhabit the upper echelons of the political and security agencies of the colombian state. Because that is where we can find the real responsibles for these three crimes and many others.