Why should I participate in Blogger of the Americas?

We have a common cause, that is to contribute to the integration of The Americas. If you share that cause, then join us now! Take sides and be part of a mission that is more important than ourselves. We invite you to join us at the outset.

Who can participate in Bloggers of The Americas?

You can.

How can I participate in Bloggers of the Americas?

It depends on your level of commitment to Bloggers of the Americas. If you want to start slowly, then what you can do is to comment on the selected post. If you want to be more involved, just mention it in your comment. We will contact you.

What are the issues to be addressed in a post to be published by Bloggers of the Americas?

There is a free choice item. However, the post should meet one or more of the following characteristics: a spot can not be anonymous, be in the public interest, make a proper use of language, should address local or inter-American issues, to contribute to the integration of The Americas. Bloggers of the Americas is a force for the strengthening of democracy and its republican institutions within a full respect for human rights.